Our Subscription Solutions


Clearstate owns and regularly maintains several proprietary databases and reports that track market developments across several healthcare industries. Our aim is to provide a current and accurate snapshot of relevant country realities to aid healthcare business executives in developing strategic and tactical action plans. Upholding our collaborative spirit moreover, we typically offer various levels of customisation for our subscription solutions to our valued clients.

Clearstate Synthesis – Quarterly Healthcare Market Intelligence Subscription

Synthesis™, a quarterly source of high impact and relevant healthcare news, is Clearstate’s latest market intelligence product that is tailored for the medical device executive seeking locally sourced, current and...

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Clearstate SPV Database – Annual Surgical Procedure Volumes Tracker

Asia Pacific saw an overall year-on-year growth of 11.5% in procedure volumes to reach 79 mil in 2013. Growth was largely spurred by China, India, and the Philippines, and is...

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Clearstate HOSPRO Database – Annual Hospital Directory

Clearstate’s hospital directory is a highly comprehensive profiling of major tertiary medical institutions offering general and specialised healthcare services within key countries in Asia Pacific. The hospitals profiled are mainly...

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Nikkei Healthcare Landscape in ASEAN – Report on healthcare systems and key trends across major ASEAN markets

The ten member countries of ASEAN are considerably different in terms of their stages of economic development, yet all possess a common characteristic: immense economic growth potential. In fact, ASEAN...

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Nikkei Healthcare 2025 – Report on key global macro and micro healthcare landscape trends

Healthcare is having its moment in the spotlight more than ever. Developed countries face ageing populations and an epidemic of chronic diseases while emerging economies are witnessing longer life expectancies...

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