Who We Are


Research consultancy specializing in Healthcare & Life sciences domains, advising on growth strategies in emerging economies

Healthcare and life sciences companies are operating in an increasingly difficult ecosystem, where affordability is balanced against the need for greater access and improved quality of care. Clearstate, a business of the Economist Intelligence Unit, is a healthcare research consultancy that helps our clients steer through these challenges by offering pragmatic and forward-looking strategies through combining our strong in-market investigative capability with deep industry understanding and robust analytical ability.

Clearstate headquartered in Singapore, is well-positioned geographically and strategically to be the go-to research consulting firm for our clients seeking greenfield growth opportunities in fast-growing emerging economies. By leveraging the Economist Intelligence Unit’s depth of country expertise, we offer visibility and realistic forecasting on the direction of emerging economies’ opaque healthcare environments.

We have built a strong reputation among our healthcare clients for our depth of industry knowledge, our collaborative approach and our innovative solutioning.  We are recognized for consistently listening and working in partnership with our clients to deliver comprehensive and granular answers that go beyond the obvious. Our clients appreciate our commitment in truly understanding their issues, our objectivity and transparency throughout the engagements and our relentless enthusiasm for innovation solutions.