400 global healthcare business leaders were asked by the Economist Intelligence Unit to predict medical technologies and innovations we will see in healthcare in the near-term (the next 5 years) and in the long-term (the next 25 years). And here are the key findings:

Some innovative technologies that exist with limited applications today will have widespread use in healthcare

Almost three-quarters of executives expect a major redesign of hospitals in the next 25 years, with hospitals becoming smaller as more of diagnosis and treatment will be done at home.

Hurdles to healthcare innovation differ across regions

Regulatory and ethical issues are the biggest hurdles to bringing innovations to Asia’s healthcare market. In the US, regulatory and ethical issues made up less than 50% of the concern; technical and investment issues where much more emphasised.

Genomic analysis is going have a broad impact in healthcare within the next 5 years in most of the world.
In predicting the future, companies need to understand the important changes that are happening in the market.

Clearstate’s growth consulting services can help companies answer key questions to develop and execute a successful growth strategy:

  • How are different countries and regions evolving in relation of innovations in healthcare?
  • What new market segments will emerge?
  • How will new emerging market segments disrupt your current business?
  • How are hospitals, patients and customers changing, and responding to healthcare innovations?
  • What capabilities, stakeholder relationships and processes are required to maintain relevance in the healthcare space?

For more on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s study, view the infographic on The future of healthcare. This study was sponsored by Toray.

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