What will it take for South Korea to achieve its ambitious goal of being among the world’s top 7 powerhouse for pharmaceuticals and medical devices by 2020?

Over the next five years and in increasingly complex and saturated global healthcare markets, overseas sales of medical devices by South Korean companies need to quadruple and pharmaceutical sales must grow at least sevenfold relative to the levels achieved in 2015, to meet its goal.

In this whitepaper, we assess global opportunities for rapid acceleration of overseas market expansion and outline bold strategies for South Korea healthcare companies to maximise their chance of success in global markets.

Download the whitepaper to find out:

  • What pattern do South Korean pharma, medtech and healthcare service providers follow in global expansion?
  • Divide and conquer: How to map markets for different phases of overseas market expansion plans?
  • Using Asia as a global launchpad: Competing with emerging domestic companies in mid-tier market segments
  • What do growth opportunities in China’s MDx, POC and TDx markets look like
  • Case study: Strategic geographic expansion in China’s IVD market
  • Finding entry points to move up the value chain and into the world’s biggest healthcare market, United States
  • Four fundamentals of South Korea companies to reinvent and compete with established pharmaceutical and medtech companies
  • Case study: Samsung – Leveraging a strong central brand to enter niche healthcare markets

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