A series of policies rolled out by the government to reform healthcare in China are having enormous impact on the country’s medtech market – one which has grown by 20% from 2015 to a value of Rmb370bn (US$53.6bn) in 2016.

In this report, we analyse and assess the impact of major policies affecting China’s medtech market, to help companies that are uncertain about how to interpret these policies, navigate these new market dynamics:

Here are some of the key trends covered in the report:

Innovation-based competition will be the new reality in China: How exactly is domestic medtech competition playing out in the different segments?

Policies such as the special approval procedure for innovative medical devices and Made in China 2025 is expected to intensify across all segments of the medtech market, but especially in emerging areas of IVD such as gene sequencing and molecular diagnosis.

Strong development potential of third-party imaging centres 

With some 70% of diagnoses made in China’s hospitals dependent on medical imaging methods, find out how policies – including China’s first-ever policy aimed at developing private medical services, are helping patients access more advanced imaging services.

How will two-invoice policy restructure the medical device distribution system

To date, only a few provinces have rolled out the two-invoice policy for medical devices, and the details and models of implementation have differed between provinces. It is estimated that as the policy comes into full effect, it will reduce the number of distributors in China from over 13,000 to just 3,000.

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