With the point-of-care (POC) molecular diagnostics (MDx) market poised to become one of the fastest growing clinical diagnostics segments over the next few years, it is luring new entrants to the POC MDx market who will bring powerful testing solutions closer to patients. The global POC MDx market is estimated to be worth about US$500m in 2015, where high annual growth rates of up to 14% is expected for the next few years.

This report looks at how companies can be prepared for entry into the POC MDx market by harnessing Clearstate’s deep insights and analysis into the market and customers to enable better strategic decision-making for better results.

  • How do adoption trends of POC MDx vary across different regions
  • What do local market conditions look like and how will they help you decide whether to invest in POC MDx as part of your product portfolio
  • What customer segments, market positioning and price point should you take on relative to competitors in order to penetrate the local market?
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