Pharma-style health technology assessment (HTA) may end up being imposed on the medical device sector, regardless of the differences between the two sectors In our third whitepaper on the value-based healthcare (VBH) series, we uncover 6 strategies for medtech companies to capture opportunities in an environment that is centred on cost, quality of care and access.

Download the whitepaper to understand adopting the 6 strategies will mean:

  • Strategy 1: Clarify exactly what definitions of value will count most with the relevant bodies and how the efficacy of a product will be assessed.
  • Strategy 2: Monitor changes in policy, including the trend towards centralisation of payment and reimbursement systems.
  • Strategy 3: Cope with the pressure on prices, driven by both intense competition and value-based assessments.
  • Strategy 4: Promote the idea that value does not equate to price, and that investment in real innovations can reduce overall spending.
  • Strategy 5: Be prepared to support any assertions over value with hard data, both trial and real world, on patient and clinician outcomes.
  • Strategy 6: Cement relationships with providers and clinicians, using medtech experience to advise on care pathways.
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