Infectious Disease Testing Monitor: Clearstate’s latest proprietary market tracker

Since its initial identification in China in December 2019, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has grown exponentially, affecting more than 115 countries and making a significant impact on health, trade, travel and the global economy. Clearstate has the relevant data and market insights to help key stakeholders from industry players, healthcare providers, payors and policymakers assess the potential impact of the outbreak, identify the gaps in current prevention capability and define potential solutions to better prepare for the next pandemic.

Access interactive data on infectious disease testing in 16 APAC countries

Infectious diseases continue to be a major problem in emerging economies. In addition to dealing with the threat of outbreaks like COVID-19, Zika, MERS, there is also the burden of keeping predictable endemic diseases like hepatitis, dengue, tuberculosis at bay. But are these countries doing enough to keep infectious diseases contained? What is the size of infectious diseases testing in emerging economies and which diseases are countries spending the most and the least on testing? The accurate detection of infection at early stages is absolutely critical to reduce the risk of transmission of highly contagious infectious diseases like COVID-19 to the wider population. The use of RT-PCR assays for the in vitro qualitative detection of the virus, would have been critical to contain the spread of the disease. But how many laboratories in Asia are actually equipped to run RT-PCR tests?

The EIU has data and insights that can help you understand how emerging economies are managing infectious diseases.
Our comprehensive country coverage and granular data collected from molecular diagnostic laboratories, as well as suppliers and
distributors of infectious disease test assays and analysers, will provide you with answers to the what, where and how
industry players and healthcare service providers can help countries bridge gaps in infectious disease testing.

What’s covered?

Infectious Diseases Testing Monitor

A. Database providing size and share estimates for infectious diseases in 22 countries across APAC and LATAM with details on:

  • Testing technology (immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, point-of-care, sequencing)
  • Instruments (RT-PCR, immunoassays) vs. reagents
  • Type of infectious disease tests (virology, respiratory, bacteriology)
  • Share of test value by international vs. domestic suppliers
  • Overview of molecular diagnostics lab testing capability & installation in China
  • Years: 3 year historical growth & 5-year CAGR forecast , with latest data available for 2018/19

B. Market commentary providing viewpoints on the challenges and gaps in Asia’s healthcare systems, infrastructure, delivery resources and policies in responding to the current COVID-19 outbreak. The report also takes a look at China and other Asian countries’ experiences, the innovative ways and decisive actions undertaken that can potentially be future best practices. Beyond what governments can do, the report highlights the importance of leveraging on capabilities from all key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, from healthcare providers to IVD manufacturers.

Molecular Diagnostics Lab Profile (MDxPRO)

Detailed testing and installation profile of 600+ individual molecular diagnostics laboratories in 10 countries in APAC and LATAM detailing:

  • Lab throughput
  • Analyser installation # of unit, brands and models of analysers and year installed
  • Type of infectious diseases tested and test volume
  • Brands of assays used
  • Average lab buying price

This service is relevant for:

Icon of a magnifying glass examining a cogwheel enclosed in a circleDiagnostics companies
Pharma manufacturers
Hospital management
Health policymakers
Icon indicating business school enclosed in a circleInsurance companies
Icon of a stethoscope, enclosed in a circleOther stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem


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