Emerging Economies Expertise

Growth in emerging economies are spurred by a rising middle class, increased government commitment to healthcare spend and the emergence of a robust private sector. Demand for healthcare in emerging economies is expanding at double the rate of developed markets. In Medtech for instance, from Asia to Middle East & Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, these emerging regions are expected to grow by over 10% CAGR (2013 – 2017) than compared to a mere 5% CAGR in the US and EU.

Clearstate headquartered out of Asia, the fastest growing region for healthcare in the world, is well-positioned to assist companies identify opportunities, mitigate risks and develop strategies to access emerging economies profitably.

We know informed investment decisions are hard to make in emerging economies where information and facts are scant. We can deliver results that our clients are confident to base their strategies on because:

  • We have local expertise, language capabilities and in-depth knowledge to capture up-to-date healthcare dynamics, trends and changes
  • We have wide network of information source comprising of our clients’ customers, trade partners as well as government regulators and policy makers
  • We have healthcare-centric primary research understanding to design studies that are robust and credible