Market intelligence and business consulting across the medical devices and life sciences sectors

We help medtech organisations across global markets build successful and sustainable businesses through data intelligence, market research and business consulting.

Identify opportunities and growth strategies

Solutions to meet our medical devices and life sciences clients’ specific needs

Our end-to-end solutions connect your planning and operations by uniting local in-market expertise with macro-economic, socio demographic, and healthcare access analysis, supported by proprietary data solutions and country insights.

Use our solutions to:

  • Identify growth opportunities across existing and emerging markets.
  • Deliver in-market data and insights to define sales targets and support realistic forecasts.
  • Facilitate targeted selling by identifying customers with the highest ROI; – helping you improve customer service and relationship management.
  • Guide product R&D by understanding usage patterns to optimise product design and new launches.
  • Enable winning sales & Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies by tracking competitors’ share of business and prioritising customer/therapy areas for investment growth.

Data solutions

Our proprietary Gateway business intelligence solution – Healthcare Gateway – is data-centric and in market driven, delivering precise, granular and credible market and customer data as well as forecasts for main medical device industries globally.

Business ready solutions and customised engagements

Business ready frameworks couple Clearstate’s vast knowledge and expertise with proven methodologies and precision execution capabilities to efficiently deploy our teams and expedite deliverables while our custom strategic consulting is tailored to each clients’ unique challenges

Why Clearstate?

Data-driven intelligence

We help clients identify realistic opportunities and enable growth strategies through current, credible, granular data for the medical device and life science sectors

Research and development

We help clients to develop new products and services to address the unmet needs

Sales and distribution

We can help clients formulate sales outreach strategies that maximize returns and build their customer base

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Our Solutions

Whether through data intelligence, market research or business consulting, we can offer you support in the way that best suits your strategic objectives.

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