Monitor infectious disease trends driving IVD demand

Understand local infectious disease dynamics and how it impacts testing. Our comprehensive data and analysis on emerging and endemic infections from covid-19 to hepatitis helps your business strengthen response to shifting disease trends and meet future demand for testing.

Data and analytics to help you evaluate future risks from the infectious disease testing landscape

Clearstate has the data and insights to help you understand how countries are managing infectious diseases. To understand infectious disease trends and its impact on test volume and market size, we analyse epidemiological and demographic indicators, policy and clinical guidelines. Our comprehensive and granular data on infectious disease testing is collected from clinical laboratories, manufacturers and distributors of infectious disease test assays and analysers.

Why Infectious Diseases Trend Monitor

Track key developments 

Understand the infectious disease testing landscape and how regulations, new products and technology developments are impacting  test volume and infectious disease diagnostics market size, giving you timely updates on the rules of the game for your commercial team to react quickly.

Identify competition to stay ahead

Know how top IVD companies are performing in the market, average selling prices and the market shares of international versus domestic companies , giving you the insights on which are the closest competition and how to win them.

Anticipate opportunities

Strengthen response to shifting disease trends and meet future demand for testing with comprehensive data and analysis on emerging and endemic infections from covid-19 to hepatitis, which provide you insights on whitespaces for future revenue growth.

What’s covered?

Each country report provides detailed information on trends in infectious diseases and the IVD market

  • Epidemiological trends 
  • Policy trends and impact on infectious disease testing
  • Testing landscape across patient journey in screening, diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Reimbursement landscape
  • Test volumes by disease type and stage in patient journey
  • Market size and 5-year CAGR forecast by technology (centralised, molecular, point-of-care and tissue diagnostics)
  • Competitive landscape with international v domestic market share, average selling price of top companies
  • Epidemological trends
  • Policy trends

Infectious diseases tracked include:

  • Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs)
    • Influenza
    • Covid-19
    • Other RTIs (RSV, Adenovirus, Bordetella)
  • Virology
    • Hepatitis (HBV, HCV)
    • HPV
    • HIV
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
    • Chlamydia (CT/NG)
    • Other STIs
  • Bacteriology 
    • Tuberculosis
    • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Vector-borne diseases 
    • Malaria
    • Dengue


This service is relevant for:

Icon of a magnifying glass examining a cogwheel enclosed in a circleDiagnostics companies
Pharma manufacturers
Hospital management
Health policymakers
Icon indicating business school enclosed in a circleInsurance companies
Icon of a stethoscope, enclosed in a circleOther stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem


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