Medical Consumables Market Size, Share, Trends and Growth

Understand and track the medical consumables’ market size, share and growth data for more than 200 product segments across Asia, Europe and Latin America. In-depth insight and unrivalled regional expertise make us the go-to source for your business.

Gain a well-rounded understanding of the sector’s challenges and opportunities

In the wake of covid-19, ensuring ample medical supply has been a priority around the world as global demand becomes harder to predict. Our analysis enables you to navigate change confidently. 

Why choose the Medical Consumables Gateway?

Medical Consumables Gateway

Product benefits

  • Gain a granular understanding with market data on more than 200 product sub-segments and key players, giving you greater visibility into the highly-fragmented sector
  • Get in-market, rigorous data collection across all channels—hospitals, non-acute care providers, suppliers and distributors—enhanced by accurate and credible market analysis
  • Develop a deeper understanding via our scientific market-modelling techniques, for improved accuracy and predictive effectiveness of our market forecasts and analysis
Medical Consumables Gateway

What’s included in Medical Consumables Gateway?

Size & Share Segmentation
Provides size, share and growth estimates for markets and competitors in all major medical-consumables segments.

Data includes:
• Market size—volume and value-based market size, product sub-segments, ex-manufacturer ASP-based market-size derivation
• Competitive share—consumables players’ market share by product sub-segment, international v regional v domestic player-share of business
• Growth forecast—five-year CAGR growth analysis

Medical Consumables Gateway

Use Medical Consumables Gateway to:

  • Deliver market data and insights that define sales targets, supporting realistic forecasts
  • Target customers with the highest ROI to improve engagement and relationship management
  • Guide product research and development by understanding usage patterns, optimising product design and new launches
  • Enable winning sales and go-to-market strategies by tracking competitors’ share of business and prioritising customer or therapy areas for investment growth

This service is relevant for:

Market intelligence
Market access
Business strategy

Comprehensive global coverage

The Medical Consumables Gateway provides data for 18 countries, including emerging markets in LATAM and Asia

Southeast Asia

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam

Europe (Launching 2022/23)

France | Germany | Italy | United Kingdom | Spain

Americas (Launching 2022/23)

Brazil | Colombia | Mexico

Asia-Pacific (Launching 2022/23)

China | Japan | South Korea | Australia | India

Significant depth of data

More than 200 sub-segments in 12 product groups

Gloves (latex, nitrile; sterile, non-sterile)

Exam gloves | surgical gloves | chemo gloves

Masks (sterile, non-sterile)

Surgical masks | medical procedure masks | disposable respirators

Gowns (disposable, reusable)

Surgical gowns | chemo gowns

PPEs (disposible, reusable)

Caps | shoe covers | face shields

Surgical drapes and packs

By therapy: angiography | cardiovascular | craniotomy

Surgical kitting

By therapy: angiography | cardiovascular | craniotomy

Clippers & razors

Surgical clippers | blades | disposable razors

Fluid management suction

Canisters | canisters liners | tubing | connectors

Wound drainage

Wound drains | reservoir

Wound care

Cleansers | dressings | hydrogels | contact layers

Negative pressure wound therapy

Disposable | reusable

Thermal products

Surgical blankets

Trusted worldwide

With a robust methodology and continuous pursuit of improvements to the consistency and quality of our market data and forecasts, Medical Consumables Gateway is the most reliable and comprehensive source of medical consumables market data available.

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