Medtech and life sciences consulting

Our medtech and life sciences consultancy supports your corporate and commercial needs. We empower you to define your strategies and influence your customers with our distinctive deep country and regional analysis, healthcare expertise and data-driven intelligence. We also provide health-policy analysis, thought leadership and macroeconomic country insights to deliver an essential advisory service.

Why Clearstate consulting?

Our specialist consultants are fully immersed in the medtech and life sciences sectors. We enable confident decision-making with actionable insights that advance your strategy.

How we help

Medtech specialisation and deep domain expertise 

Our team of consultants and analysts combine local-market knowledge and industry acumen to deliver an end-to-end consulting service, across world markets. 

Essential medtech themes

Existing medtech market data to leverage on

Through our Gateway platform, you can gain access to our proprietary market data—covering major medical-device sectors. Identify market opportunities and formulate growth strategies with these essential insights.

Rich history of medtech collaboration

Rich history of medtech collaboration

Top healthcare and medical-device companies worldwide rely on our consultancy services to support a range of functions—from corporate strategy and strategic planning to market access and commercial initiatives.

Global reach, micro depth

Global reach, micro depth

Our robust network of opinion leaders and medtech and life sciences professionals  provides insights that inform decision-making.

Using proven methodologies adaptable to each stage of the product cycle, our experienced teams expedite the gathering of actionable insights and learning.

We offer:

  • Market staging and prioritisation
  • Market access
  • Pre-launch and launch planning support
  • Go-to-market support
  • Partner search
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Brand strength assessment
  • Market environment tracking: competitors, customers and policy

Tailored consulting engagements supported by data

We use our expertise to address challenges affecting your business.

Growth and innovation strategies

  • Identify greenfield opportunities and innovative solutions
  • Analyse emerging-market demand

Strategic marketing

  • Assess opportunities to enter new market segments and geographies
  • Get risk-impact analysis

Customer engagement strategies

  • Product value demonstration
  • Patient journey and experience mapping

Access and pricing strategies

  • Explore payer and health systems analysis, covering reimbursement changes, policy and regulatory reforms
  • Evaluate price-demand, price sensitivity and affordability to set optimal pricing strategies

Holistic planning and implementation strategies

  • Define business, commercial and operational models
  • Prioritise business initiatives and track outcomes
  • Establish performance metrics and monitor results

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