Track IVD market size, share and trends

The go-to source for tracking and understanding market size, share and trends in IVD. Granular break-out of data and comprehensive coverage of international and domestic suppliers’ brand share across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Why IVD Size & Share Plus?

Support strategic market planning

Enable winning go-to-market strategies by tracking fastest-growing opportunities and competitors’ share of business to prioritise customer and test areas for growth and investment.

Track key developments and opportunities

Understand the impact of macro events on IVD test demand and market trends and answer quantitative market questions with credible market data and forecasts.

Drive decision making

Our standardised research and analytical approach allow for high data comparability and consistency across all markets that can be used effectively by regional and global stakeholders to inform business decisions.

What’s covered?

IVD Size and Share Plus tracks and forecasts biannually:

  • Size of IVD market: in value terms, ex-manufacturer price / at country level, further segmented by assay test segment 
  • Competitive Share: IVD players’ market share by IVD segments and sub-segments / country & region, international vs regional vs domestic players, market share gains/losses & new market entry/exit by assay test segment
  • Growth Projection: historical YoY (compare with previous year) & 5 year CAGR forecasts.
  • Drivers of / Barriers to Growth: regulatory, reimbursement, healthcare spending and reforms, epidemiology and treatment trends, technology adoption trends.

IVD Size & Share Plus provides granular coverage of 100+ market sub-segments in 5 diagnostic segments:

  • Centralised diagnostics
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Tissue diagnostics
  • Next-generation sequencing

Comprehensive country coverage

Clearstate’s IVD Size & Share Plus provides in-depth data and insights on the IVD market in 30+ countries and regions.


Australia | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Malaysia | Myanmar | New Zealand | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam


Germany | France | Italy | Spain | UK

Latin America

Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador | Mexico | Peru | Puerto Rico | Dominican Republic | CAC (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama) | ROL (Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia) | JMTT (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago)

Middle East

Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates | Kuwait | Iran | Qatar | Oman | Bahrain | Lebanon | Jordan | Egypt


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