Track IVD market size, share and trends

Size and Share Tracker is your go-to source for comprehensive and granular market sizing data at country, company and assay tests levels across all IVD Gateway segments.

We track tests level sales revenue and their shares by company in over 38 countries globally. Our tracker is intended to help companies measure performance vis-a-via competition and identify market opportunities that you can invest in for future growth.

How do our clients use IVD Size & Share?

Benchmark business performance

Benchmark your business against:
– Overall market size and growth rates
– Organisations market share

Further segmented by :
– Product segment
– Country

Track competitors

Track organisations market share by:
– Main segments and sub-segments
– Country and region

Breakdown of share by:
– International vs. regional vs. domestic players

Track performance of organisations over time:
– Gain/ loss in shares
– New entry/ exit by assay test segment

Inform sales forcasting

Base sales forecasting on:
– Market size
– Players’ share
– Growth projection (Historical YoY, 5-year CAGR projection)
– Drivers and barriers of growth (Regulatory, reimbursement, epidemiology and treatment trends, technology adoption trends)

Our interactive dashboard makes finding answers to your market questions faster and easier. Gain new perspectives and on more than 100 market segments in 38 countries with easy-to-understand visualisations. Users can also download the data to perform your own analysis.

  • Localised data collection from extensive high-quality primary and secondary sources
  • Standardised IVD market sizing model with country-specific assumptions applied across all markets covered
  • Forecast on IVD market growth based on demand and supply side factors
  • Covid-19 impact forecasting model on IVD market share and performance

IVD Size and Share Plus tracks and forecasts biannually:

Size of IVD market

In value terms, ex-manufacturer price / at country level, further segmented by assay test segment

Competitive Share

IVD players’ market share by IVD segments and sub-segments / country & region, international vs regional vs domestic players, market share gains/losses & new market entry/exit by assay test segment

IVD market Growth Projection

Historical YoY (compare with the previous year) & 5 year CAGR forecasts.

Drivers of / Barriers to Growth

Regulatory, reimbursement, healthcare spending and reforms, epidemiology and treatment trends, technology adoption trends and their impacts on IVD market segments.

IVD Size & Share provides granular coverage of 100+ market segments

Comprehensive country coverage

Clearstate’s IVD Size & Share Plus provides in-depth data and insights on the IVD market in 30+ countries and regions.


Australia | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Malaysia | Myanmar | New Zealand | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam


Germany | France | Italy | Spain | UK

Latin America

Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador | Mexico | Peru | Puerto Rico | Dominican Republic | CAC (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama) | ROL (Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia) | JMTT (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago)

Middle East

Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates | Kuwait | Iran | Qatar | Oman | Bahrain | Lebanon | Jordan | Egypt

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Segment Trend Reports

Covering more than 20 markets across APAC, LATAM and Europe, our Segment Trend Reports provide insights into supply and demand shaping the IVD and the factors affecting growth in pivotal test segments: centralised diagnostics, point-of-care testing, molecular diagnostics and tissue diagnostics.

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