Monitor top IVD companies’ market performance and business activity in China on a quarterly basis

Company Insights Monitor provides in-depth reports on China’s top IVD companies’ localised commercial activities in core labs, point-of-care testing, molecular and tissue diagnostics to help you understand the key players’ dynamics in the world’s largest emerging.

Why QCI?

QCI Track competition to stay ahead

Track competition to stay ahead

Know what and how top IVD companies are localising and adapting their sales, marketing, operational and commercial strategies to benchmark your performance, plan effectively to mitigate potential threats and stay ahead of the competition.

Track policy impact on business

Track policy impact on business

Monitor changes in the major policies impacting the IVD market and learn how top companies are responding and apply tried-and-tested measures to navigate the changing landscape.

Predict future market movements - Clearstate's QCI

Predict future market movements

Understand and track activities of multiple top companies to predict overall movement of the market over time movements and formulate preemptive strategies to win.

What’s covered

What's covered in Clearstate's QCI

Company Insights Monitor provides insights on the top five – eight players in key IVD segments:

  • Centralised Dx
  • Point-of-care testing
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Tissue diagnostics
What's covered in QCI - Clearstate

Company Insights Monitor tracks:

  • Top companies’ sales performance, market activities, distribution network, product launches, M&A and policy changes response
  • China’s policy development scan with impact on IVD market overall and by key segment
  • IVD market landscape covering key trends shaping demand
  • Quarter-by-quarter company growth rate and commercial activities update


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