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The go-to source for tracking and understanding market size, share and trends in IVD. Granular break-out of data and comprehensive coverage of international and domestic suppliers’ brand share across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Our Covid-19 impact forecast addresses pressing questions that you have:

IVD Gateway is the go-to source for major IVD players over the past 12 years. In view of the major disruption to IVD testing capacity and demand, Clearstate has assessed the impact of Covid-19 on the market size across all IVD test segments as well as for the Covid-19 market size and trends. Our demand forecast model takes into consideration key clinical and economic factors that directly impact IVD test volume.

What is included in the 2021 data release:
• Latest 2020 IVD market size, share and trends for 5 major IVD segments: Centralised Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Point-of-Care Testing, Tissue Diagnostics and Sequencing, and relevant sub-segments up to individual tests or diseases.
• Covid-19 impact to 2021 value growth forecast to IVD tests and product segments
• Post Covid-19 normalisation and recovery growth rate prediction from 2021-25
• Market size, share and trends for Covid-19, by technology

What is new in the 2021 data release:
• New market segments available including liquid-based cytology, SARS-CoV-2 tests and more
• Covid-19 testing market data on reagents for SARS-CoV-2 antibody & antigen testing, POC devices and rapid diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 virus (Antigen and Antibody testing)
• Country coverage expanded to 8 more countries in the Middle East
• Infectious Disease Monitor: Combined look at the addressable market for infectious diseases including IA, microbiology, molecular and POC.

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Why IVD Gateway?

Product benefits

  • Depth of coverage – take a deep dive into global trends and local market / customer data for all major IVD segments in APAC, EU, LATAM and ME.
  • Established up-to-date data – over 10 years of market size, share and growth tracking and lab demand monitoring on an annual basis.
  • Flexible reporting – scientific market modelling techniques enhance the accuracy and predictive effectiveness of our market forecasts and analysis.

What’s included?

IVD Gateway’s two data solutions, Size & Share Plus and LabPRO Plus, provide answers to the what, where and how to attain market share for your chosen products.

What – Understand sizing by assay in sales value:

  • Provides granular segment size in value term based on ex-manufacturer pricing by individual country.

Where – Understand analysis by customer segment:

  • Prioritise target areas for sales and marketing activities by determining demand by customer segment.

How – Understand visibility at individual lab level:

  • Provides individual lab profiles with test volume by assay, installed base of analyser brands, age of instrument, replacement likelihood and future plans.

Use IVD Gateway to:

  • Deliver in-market data and insights to define sales targets and support realistic forecasts.
  • Facilitate targeted selling by identifying customers with the highest ROI; helps improve customer service and relationship management.
  • Help guide product R&D by understanding usage patterns to optimise product design and new launches.
  • Enable winning sales & Go-To-Market strategies by tracking competitors’ share of business and prioritising customer / therapy areas for investment growth.

This service is relevant for:

Market intelligence
Market access
Business strategy

Comprehensive global coverage

IVD Gateway currently provides in-depth data for 40+ countries, including emerging markets in LATAM and Asia.


Latin America

Middle East

North Asia

South / Southeast Asia


Data solutions

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