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The go-to source for tracking and understanding market size, share and trends in IVD. Granular break-out of data and comprehensive coverage of international and domestic suppliers’ brand share across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

What is IVD?

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) are medical devices that test for diseases, conditions and infections using biological samples, such as blood or tissues. A broad range of IVD tests and instruments, ranging from simple self-tests for SARS-CoV-2 that can be conducted at home, to tests performed on complex laboratory instruments are available in the market.

The global IVD market is the biggest sector in the medtech industry, and is growing alongside healthcare spending and an increasing emphasis on early diagnosis and preventive care. The IVD sector continues to innovate to meet the needs of ever-evolving clinical demand and healthcare trends such as the increasing popularity of personalised treatments which require more precise testing technologies and the emergence of new infectious diseases.

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Why IVD Gateway?

Product benefits

  • Depth of coverage – take a deep dive into global trends and local market / customer data for all major IVD segments in APAC, EU, LATAM and ME.
  • Established up-to-date data – over 10 years of market size, share and growth tracking and lab demand monitoring on an annual basis.
  • Flexible reporting – scientific market modelling techniques enhance the accuracy and predictive effectiveness of our market forecasts and analysis.
IVD Gateway

Use IVD Gateway to:

  • Drive decision-making and corporate strategy – our standardised research and analytical approach allow for market intelligence with high data comparability and consistency across all markets. This enables you to benchmark business performance and inform business decisions.
  • Develop winning go-to-market strategies – view competitors’ market share, leverage their performance insights into your pricing or marketing strategy and prioritise customer and test areas for investment.
  • Support sales planning – get up-to-date data with insights on real market demand and true market potential to support realistic sales forecasts, facilitate targeted selling and plan for future resource investments needed to capture opportunities.  
  • Guide product research and development – understand user trends and the requirements needed to optimise product design and plan for future launches with market data and forecasts.

Comprehensive global coverage

IVD Gateway currently provides in-depth data for 40+ countries, including emerging markets in LATAM and Asia.


Latin America

Middle East

North Asia

South / Southeast Asia


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