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2022 healthcare megatrends shaping IVD

How will broad healthcare trends influence in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing? What role do technologies play in shaping the future of clinical testing?

Using our latest infographic to compare sector health trends in 2022, you can assess four shifts in healthcare that will shape the IVD sector in the coming year: automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, connected care, telehealth and personalised care. 


  • Automation, robotics and AI: What are the opportunities for automation and AI applications to address pre-existing staff shortages that covid-19 exacerbated?
  • Connected care: How will connectivity solutions shape point-of-care testing?
  • Telehealth: How will telepathology and point-of-care solutions improve access to diagnostic care?
  • Personalised healthcare: How are physicians using next-generation sequencing tests as companion diagnostics for personalised treatments?  

Meet new testing demand in the global IVD market

Healthcare operations are still under strain caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The industry, including medtech companies, must improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and innovation in practice to meet new testing demand.

Through Economist Intelligence Clearstate’s team of consultants and IVD Gateway – our proprietary data solution, we support your strategic and tactical business planning, and provide answers on the what, where and how to gain market share. 

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