APAC IVD companies to watch in the infectious diseases diagnostics market

Competition in the APAC IVD infectious diseases diagnostics market

Competition in Asia-Pacific’s (APAC’s) infectious diseases diagnostics market is getting tougher. Homegrown firms from the region are ramping up their portfolio in infectious disease diagnostics and have emerged as the biggest competitive threat in the region. 

Many successful domestic firms are niche IVD players with a sharp focus on infectious diseases. Domestic players also have a price and channel advantage over MNCs.

As healthcare systems face cost pressures, key domestic players are able to reduce their prices and will be able to compete more effectively against MNCs and smaller local players, to increase their market share.

Four out of the top five players in China’s infectious diseases molecular diagnostics (MDx) market are domestic. These companies are also taking up a large share of other IVD market segments in point-of-care (POC), immunoassays and sequencing, and emerging as frontrunners in the market.

Figure: APAC domestic players to watch in the infectious disease diagnostics market

Chinese and South Korean firms are also increasingly making headway outside of their home market, and into the regional market, particularly in South-east Asia. Sansure, a leading IVD firm from China, has captured significant market share in countries such as the Philippines.

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