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2025: five trends in South-east Asia’s cardiovascular surgery and device market

Growth is expected to be strong for South-east Asia’s (SEA) cardiovascular surgical device market. Increased affluence in the region is driving up both the prevalence of heart disease and care delivery standards.

Economist Intelligence Clearstate looks at five trends influencing how the market is expected to evolve by 2025, and where the biggest growth opportunities can be found.

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  • – Key cardiovascular procedures forecasted to have strong growth prospects (2020-2025) amid the covid-19 market recovery
  • – New and upcoming cardiac centres and departments in SEA
  • – How will the market be impacted by the shift of more procedures to hospitals located in lower-tier cities.
  • – The growth outlook for minimally invasive techniques and procedures such as minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
  • – How regulatory changes such as Vietnam’s Circular 14 will impact the surgical device market 

Navigating South-east Asia’s cardiovascular surgical device market

As surgical markets in South-east Asia grow to meet the rising demand for cardiovascular procedures, medtech companies need to understand the key clinical trends, commercial dynamics, and policies impacting market growth and access to tailor successful market strategies.

Through our team of consultants and Surgical Gateway –our proprietary data solution, we support your strategic and tactical business planning, and provide answers on how to best gain market share. 

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