A webinar by Clearstate and EIU

Future of medtech in Latin America

Clearstate and EIU healthcare experts discussed the macro and micro trends in the healthcare industry shaping the future of medtech in Latin America in a webinar that took place on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023.  Learn more about the outlook for the medtech industry and market in the region.

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In this webinar you will learn:

Icon with a globe and chess piece enclosed in a circleHow will global growth of the medtech and healthcare industries evolve in 2024?
Icon of a globe behind a magnifying glass enclosed in a circleWhat is the medtech outlook for Latin America? What are the challenges and opportunities in the region?
Icon of a stethoscope, enclosed in a circlePost-pandemic trends affecting healthcare in LATAM
How the covid-19 pandemic stressed the emergency preparedness in response to another wave
Icon with a computer chip inside a cloud, enclosed in a circleHow can digitalisation help address healthcare workforce shortages?


Cristobal Samardzich

Senior analyst, Latin America & The Caribbean, Economist Intelligence Unit

Arun Prasath

Senior associate consultant
Economist Intelligence Clearstate

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