Virtual event by EIU and Clearstate

Understanding the medtech landscape in Latin America: A deep dive into the macro and micro trends shaping the future

EIU and Clearstate healthcare experts discussed the macro and micro trends shaping the future of medtech in Latam in a webinar that took place on Wednesday, December 6th 2023.

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In this webinar you will learn:

Icon with a globe and chess piece enclosed in a circleHow will global growth evolve in 2024?
Icon of a globe behind a magnifying glass enclosed in a circleWhat is the outlook for Latin America? What are the challenges and opportunities in the region?
Icon of a stethoscope, enclosed in a circlePost-pandemic trends affecting healthcare in Latam
How the covid-19 pandemic stressed the emergency preparedness in response to another wave
Icon with a computer chip inside a cloud, enclosed in a circleHow can digitalisation help address healthcare workforce shortages?


Cristobal Samardzich

Senior analyst, Latin America & The Caribbean, Economist Intelligence Unit

Arun Prasath

Senior associate consultant
Economist Intelligence Clearstate

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