Join a private lunch by Clearstate

2023 Medtech Market Trends in APAC

Economist Intelligence Clearstate is delighted to invite you to a business briefing lunch event at The Clan Hotel. Take this opportunity to meet other industry leaders whilst hearing from Ivy Teh, global managing director at Clearstate, about the post-pandemic growth in Asia-Pacific’s medtech market.

APAC’s medtech sector faces a new market environment post-Covid 19 that sees healthcare systems in the region struggling to meet backlog of demands and countries coping with global economic and geo-political uncertainties. At our lunch meeting, we will share our outlook on global as well as APAC’s macro economic performance, especially on how that will impact the region’s ability to meet growing healthcare demands.

We explore trends that have become major drivers of opportunities and threats in Asia for international medtech players, such as decentralisation of care and value segment penetration. We share our observations on how medtech companies adapt their strategies to grow in an increasingly restrictive environment in China and the potential emergence of India.

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12.00pm Registration, networking
12.30pm Welcome remarks
12.35pm Presentation: 2023 APAC Market Environment and Medtech Trends Update (30 mins) + Q&A
1.15pm Panel discussion: Decentralisation of care – Current applications and clinical drivers, future outlook for what’s ahead (30 mins) + Q&A
2.00pm Close and network

Date: Tuesday 26th September 2023
Date &Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Venue: The Clan Hotel, Mahjong Room
Invitation only