Cancer and tissue diagnostics market outlook report

Cancer and tissue diagnostics market outlook

Tissue diagnostics (TDx) play an important role in improving treatment and health outcomes for cancer patients. A global effort to tackle the disease amid a growing cancer burden and rapid advances in treatment, drives the increased demand for TDx solutions.

This paper explores the global cancer TDx landscape.

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  • Key challenges in strengthening and expanding TDx capacity at laboratories to meet the rising incidence and diagnostic workload of a global cancer burden
  • Developments in cancer care that drive growth and encourage the adoption of tissue-based companion diagnostics such as advanced staining 
  • How technologies such as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation of TDx workflows in digital pathology, can support health systems and laboratories in managing the increase in diagnostic workload

Driving the next frontier of cancer care with TDx

Maximising access to TDx tests can help drive improved cancer care, and so requires collaboration among stakeholders from the industry, regulators, academia and healthcare professionals to tackle the various barriers to adoption.

Through our team of consultants and IVD Gateway –our proprietary data solution, we support your strategic and tactical business planning, and provide answers on how to best gain market share. 

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