Most-commonly tested cancer biomarkers using NGS in Europe: RAS, BRAF, EGFR

Most common cancer biomarkers for Europe NGS testing: RAS, BRAF, EGFR

With more precision oncology treatments introduced in the market, and a growing number of actionable biomarkers, next-generation sequencing (NGS) is becoming increasingly important in detecting multiple mutations and biomarkers.

RAS genes are the most frequently tested biomarker via NGS in the region. Mutations in RAS genes drive about a third of all human cancers.

KRAS and NRAS genes are the main predictive biomarkers for patient response to anti-EGFR monoclonal antibodies targeted therapy in metastatic colorectal cancer, and their mutational statuses are required for therapy prescription.

In 2019, our study on molecular and pathology labs in EU5 revealed that an estimated 42% of RAS (K/N) biomarker testing was done using NGS.

For more on the NGS cancer biomarker testing trends, download the white paper on Next-generation sequencing (NGS) in cancer biomarker testing: Testing trends in European molecular and pathology laboratories.

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