APAC IVD companies to watch in the infectious diseases diagnostics market

Point-of-care vs. lab-based covid-19 testing

Covid-19 testing has emerged as a top priority for clinical laboratories and many IVD players. SARS-CoV-2 tests make up more than half of Asia-Pacific’s (APAC’s) total infectious disease diagnostics market. 

The use of different tests across APAC varies according to each country’s covid-19 strategy and local testing capacity.

  • Molecular diagnostics (MDx): molecular testing is the predominant test method in APAC. MDx tests make up more than 85% of total covid-19 test volume in Singapore which has strong laboratory-based molecular testing capacity. 
  • Immunoassays: Indonesia conducts a comparatively higher proportion of covid-19 testing using immunoassays. Mass testing in the country relied heavily on serological tests. In 2020, Indonesia’s immunoassay test volume per capita was three times as much as in China.
  • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics: India and Indonesia have a comparatively higher utilisation of POC diagnostics for covid-19 testing. In 2020, India’s POC test volume amounted to almost similar levels for laboratory-based testing—which include immunoassays and MDx tests carried out at central and molecular labs.

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