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European IVD Market: Pre- and Post-Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted healthcare systems and shifted in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing priorities in Europe. But due to the heavy investment in IVD testing that most EU countries will have to commit to in order to ensure that they have the capability to monitor and control further Covid-19 outbreaks, we expect that revenues for certain segments of the European IVD market (e.g. molecular diagnostics (MDx), IA and point-of-care (POC) testing of respiratory diseases) will see a surge in 2020, but with a tendency to decline in the following years since this growth will not be sustained by continuous demand.

Key IVD areas impacted by Covid-19:

  • Infectious disease tests, particularly for respiratory and hospital-acquired infections, are now anticipated to have a strong growth in light of Covid-19.
  • While medical tests deemed non-essential (e.g. routine health checks, bone health, hormone, patient rehab) will suffer the most due to being postponed, essential IVD tests for life-threatening conditions (e.g. cardiac, transplant, cancer, obstetrics, blood screening) will be less affected.
  • A general drop of inpatient visits to hospitals and clinics has occurred as a result of lockdown measures.
  • Revenues related to lab-developed-tests (LDTs) are expected to invert their downward tendency as some labs will rely on LDTs in the absence of or in parallel to commercial Covid-19 tests.
  • An increase in numbers of PCR and qPCR installations has been occurring as labs improve their capacity to test larger volumes of samples with molecular methods.
  • Large investments in new diagnostic instruments not related to infectious disease testing will slow down as hospitals and labs prepare for the predicted economic downturn.

In our white paper “The European IVD Market Landscape: Pre- and Post-Covid-19”, we explore the drivers and barriers – including Covid-19, impacting Europe’s IVD market landscape and growth trends. 

Download the white paper to find out:

  • Overview of IVD testing environment in Europe: Market size and growth rate of European IVD market
  • Covid-19 impact: What IVD test segments are anticipated to enjoy strong growth in light of Covid-19? What IVD test segments are least affected? How will revenues related to lab-developed-tests (LDTs) be impacted? What are the adjustments in lab budgets and investment priorities?
  • Key trends and how it impacts labs and market players in the European IVD market:
    • Rapidly ageing population
    • Value-based healthcare systems
    • Impending change in EU IVD regulations
    • IVD lab trends
  • Country insights: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK
    • Breakdown of IVD market by specialty
    • Top 3 players in each specialty (2019)
    • Key policies and lab trends impacting IVD markets in each country
  • Forecasts on IVD test segments: Which diagnostics areas are expected to see the highest growth and decline in the next 5 years?