covid-19 diagnostics in Europe

Insights into Europe’s covid-19 testing and technology use 2021-2022: PCR v serology v antigen

Europe is shifting its covid-19-approach from pandemic to endemic. The subsequent changes in government policy and the requirements for covid-19 surveillance and screening programmes will impact both test volume and the types of test technologies that will be frequently used.

The Covid-19 Testing Monitor provides an understanding of quarterly trends for caseloads, hospitalisations, SARS-CoV-2 surveillance tests and testing technology, to enable you to effectively plan ahead to meet test demand.

Key insights on 2021-2022 from Covid-19 Testing Monitor:

  • As European covid-19 restrictions relax, cases are expected to remain high, with the unpredictability of case counting in the second half of 2022
  • Antigen lateral flow test technology was used the most overall in 2021, making up 72% of all test volume in the EU5 
  • PCR molecular tests at laboratories were used the most in 2021 in France and Spain
  • Covid-19 test volume is expected to peak in Q1 2022, in the period of 2021 to Q2 2022

“With covid-19 restrictions relaxed in Europe, case counts will be highly unpredictable from the second half of 2022. We plan to provide another update in the second half of 2022. A time series-based forecast is implemented to predict covid-19 cases, test volume & associated deaths, to understand the progression and likely impact of this disease in the coming quarters across EU5 countries. Based on these forecast estimates, we aim to gauge the severity of impact on the healthcare sector, specifically IVD industry, and help industry players take an informed decision on their market strategies for product launches, market investment and business expansion.”
Kathrin Franke, managing director of dii, Economist Intelligence Clearstate. 

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