With a market size of more than US$2.4bn, Latin America (LATAM) is a key emerging IVD market and a market that The Economist Intelligence Unit expects to expand by ~8% each year from 2017-2022.

Keeping up with shifting customer demands as a result of rapidly-evolving hospital and laboratory infrastructure in the region is a key challenge for IVD companies.

Here is EIU Healthcare’s forecast on the fastest-growing areas and lab trends in LATAM’s IVD market: 

  • Centralised diagnostics (CDx) labs are consolidating in many LATAM countries. How are these labs evolving?
  • Despite strong growth in many of LATAM’s point-of-care (POC) diagnostics market, POC tests are mostly conducted at central laboratories rather than at the point-of-care. What is shaping this preference of labs?
  • Genomics is one of the fastest-growing areas in several of LATAM’s molecular diagnostics (MDx) market such as in Mexico and Argentina. How are MDx labs managing new tests entering the market, and more complex tests?
  • IHC reagents is one of the fastest-growing areas in LATAM’s tissue diagnostics (TDx) market. Will the increased demand for IHC tests push labs into automation?

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Download EIU Healthcare’s IVD LATAM report to find out:

  • What are some of the fastest-growing areas in LATAM’s IVD market? 
  • How is the customer and clinical laboratory landscape changing in LATAM?
  • What are the key trends among laboratories in LATAM?
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