Healthcare is having its moment in the spotlight more than ever. Developed countries face ageing populations and an epidemic of chronic diseases while emerging economies are witnessing longer life expectancies and the rise of non-communicable diseases. Demand for healthcare has never been higher but resources are increasingly limited, driving the need for innovative reform of sustainable healthcare. At the same time, the rise of consumerism and technology in the healthcare space are pushing out traditional models of care delivery and tremendously changing the way healthcare is viewed. Healthcare’s new modus operandi is patient empowerment and centricity.

Healthcare 2025 presents key macro and micro trends shaping the global healthcare landscape, the drivers of these changes and our prediction of its impact on the way healthcare is perceived and delivered in the next 10 years. It highlights differences in adoption of these trends by global region, and identifies the risks and opportunities for healthcare and non-healthcare businesses who wish to ride the healthcare wave.

This report is a joint collaboration between Clearstate and Nikkei Business Publications. The Japanese edition is currently available through Nikkei Business Publications here, while the English edition will be released in the near future.