Over the next 5 years, healthcare markets in South-East Asia like Indonesia and Philippines will exceed growth in BRIC healthcare markets.

Our latest whitepaper offers a market-by- market outlook for all 10 countries in South-East Asia from 2016-2020, and identifies 5 mega-trends shaping South-East Asia’s healthcare landscape to help pharmas and medtechs capitalise on these emerging trends.

Download the whitepaper to understand:

  • How can companies capture volume growth from expanding healthcare coverage?
  • The new face of South-East Asia’s patients that is creating new growth segments
  • How to maximise the delivery of drugs and diagnostic tests through a growing private healthcare sector?
  • How digitalisation impacts different countries?
  • The AEC and TPP impact on local market access and business environments for foreign companies
  • What mid and long-term strategies are needed to enter and expand in your business in South-East Asia?
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