IVD go-to-market strategy: supporting the global launch of a clinical chemistry assay

Supporting the global launch of a clinical chemistry assay

Discover how insights into the biggest influencers of laboratory test orders helped drive awareness of a new assay’s value


One of the largest IVD multinational companies plans to launch a new clinical chemistry assay in markets worldwide. To shore up their go-to-market strategy, the company needed to ensure that marketing will be tailored to achieve maximum impact in each market.     

Insights into how the biggest influencers of laboratory test orders – clinicians, laboratory and medical directors, perceive the clinical utility of the new assay were needed to effectively target their marketing.

How we helped

A global research project was designed to meet three key objectives. One, to understand the current patterns of usage for the assay type produced by other manufacturers. Two, to illustrate the patient pathway around the assay. Three, to identify key stakeholders with the ability to drive adoption of the new assay.

Through in-depth interviews conducted with clinicians and laboratory directors across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, we discovered that lack of understanding of the value of the assay would be a likely barrier to adoption. Based on the patient pathway uncovered, we identified key stakeholders and the criteria they consider most important when adopting a new test, along with local market nuances.


The study findings at the global, regional and country level helped shape the company’s marketing strategy to target the right influencers in driving awareness of the assay’s value.

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