How impactful is your exhibitor booth going to be at AACC?

Navigate the competitive landscape harnessing actionable data to maximise exhibition booth impact and justify marketing spend at conferences

Navigating the complex dynamics of conference exhibitions is an investment, involving costs related to staff training and travel, marketing content, booth design, and added features and zones such as the inclusion of a medical corner. To justify these expenses and understand where to channel future investments, it’s crucial to measure the impact and effectiveness of your exhibition booth in a quantitative, data-driven way.

We, at Clearstate, specialise in providing market intelligence for exhibitor booths, offering actionable data that allows you to understand how your branding, messaging, and design compare to your competition.

In our recent project with an IVD client, we conducted over 200 visitor surveys to assess the impact of their booth at a leading European IVD conference. The survey evaluated factors such as memorability of the booth, visitor profiles and behaviours, effectiveness of specific booth elements, and the perception of the company’s brand messaging.

The results painted a comprehensive picture of booth performance – not only in terms of current ranking in memorability compared with other companies, but also how the company’s performance has evolved over time. We also identified areas where their core message was losing clarity and differentiation, prompting them to consider refreshing their messaging to stay on-brand and up-to-date in a highly fluid market.

Furthermore, our data provided valuable insights into the behaviours and preferences of different visitor profiles – from physicians to lab professionals – offering our client a roadmap for tailoring future booth designs and content to the specific interests of their audience. 

This project has been pivotal in supporting our client’s marketing team in making data-driven decisions, and illustrating the value of their efforts to secure funding for future conferences. The client has found our insights so valuable that we have been working together on an annual basis for the last 8 years

So, how impactful is your exhibitor booth going to be at AACC? 

Let us help you measure it, understand it, and maximize it. Because the key to standing out and staying competitive at crucial exhibitions and shows is not just about being present, but also about being remembered. 

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