Launching a new value proposition for core lab solutions

Launching a new value proposition for core lab solutions

Discover how a study for a new core lab value proposition helped an IVD company strengthen its message across global markets


An IVD multinational company is preparing to roll out a new value proposition for its portfolio of core lab solutions globally. For its new value proposition to resonate successfully with potential customers, the client needed to first test its reception with potential customers in core labs.

How we helped

Clearstate spoke to a diverse group of core lab managers and directors in more than 20 countries across five regions to get their reactions to the value proposition. While testing the new value proposition was the focus of the engagement, the team also did additional probing on lab priorities and instrument purchase agreements in order to paint a more holistic picture of the wants and needs of our client’s customers.

To best illustrate the opportunities in the core lab space, potential customers were asked a series of questions designed to uncover the relative importance of different lab factors (e.g. efficiency), and the ways in which customers’ current solutions are not meeting their needs.

Some expected factors such as lab performance and productivity emerged as top priorities of potential customers globally, but with many important regional nuances. Select parts of the value proposition were found to be more easily understood in certain countries. The exercise also identified qualities that are important to customers but not highlighted in the value proposition.


The study findings related to key lab priorities and feedback on specific messaging elements helped the client strengthen its value proposition for a successful rollout. With the insights, the client was able to focus on customising or clarifying messaging for specific markets.  

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