Building a market access blueprint for lung cancer diagnostics in Asia-Pacific

Discover the insights from APAC’s lung cancer landscape that helped map out the future of market access in eight countries

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, with annual deaths expected to increase to over 1.8m by 2040. In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) technologies such as immunoassays, tissue diagnostics, next-generation sequencing and PCR liquid biopsy are used to test for lung cancer biomarkers.

An IVD multinational company is developing its corporate strategy to help tackle the disease in APAC based on the current and future direction of the market access, reimbursement landscape, and the patient journey in APAC markets.

Building a market access blueprint for lung cancer in APAC

To build a market access blueprint for the client, Clearstate assessed the use of IVD testing for lung cancer and the state of market access in eight countries. 

Through primary and secondary research, we mapped the lung cancer testing landscape from the disease perspective covering the overall patient journey in each country covering the patient volume and diagnosis rate, treatment paradigm, IVD adoption status; and the market access perspective, covering national health plans, IVD approvals and reimbursement status, pricing, policy trends. Clearstate also built a sizing forecast model to estimate the sales value across all target APAC countries. 

Through the study, gaps and disparities around IVD testing across the care pathway and the region were uncovered. Despite a similar population size at around 1.43bn, China ran almost 800 times more lung cancer immunoassay tests in 2022 than India, largely as a result of clinical guidelines that recommend immunoassay tests for lung cancer diagnosis and tracking.

Based on our findings, the eight countries were grouped based on their level of development in the lung cancer care pathway: (1) developed markets in APAC such as Japan and South Korea which have a well-integrated care pathway to provide more targeted treatment for patients; (2) countries such as China with a sharp rural-urban divide in lung cancer care access and (3) developing markets such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam where access to testing and treatment is constrained by affordability.

Clearstate helped the client to design actionable plans for each of the three types to identify opportunities for the client in each country and recommend actions to drive future growth.

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