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In dynamic market segments such as infectious disease testing, demand for IVD testing can change quickly and gaining clarity on future demand is a big challenge for the client, an IVD company. 

Among infectious diseases, the seasonality of influenza makes it even more difficult to analyse and plan ahead for the company’s related diagnostic solutions.

How IVD Size & Share Plus helped

IVD Size & Share Plus historical data and 5-year forecasts on demand of IVD tests for respiratory diseases including molecular tests and point-of-care tests for influenza (A/B), adenovirus, RSV and SARS-CoV-2 in each country helped the client understand how disease testing has evolved and how they will likely be in the coming years. 

Using data from IVD Size & Share Plus, the client was able to sense where there will be an uptick in demand and to understand how preferred testing methods for respiratory diseases have shifted since the pandemic which has shaped point-of-testing adoption and driven more installations of molecular diagnostic equipment.

Regular biannual updates provide the most up-to-date data to track changes in a dynamic market such as infectious disease testing.


The market data and insights helped the client identify which diseases are on an uptick and to prioritise development and promotion of related solutions. 

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