Support strategic market planning with IVD Size & Share Plus

Enable winning go-to-market strategies by tracking fastest-growing opportunities and competitors’ share of business to prioritise customer and test areas for growth and investment.


The regional commercial teams of a global IVD company use market data that provide insights into IVD market trends, customers and competitors to inform the strategic planning process. 

The lack of IVD market data on various countries is a key hurdle for regional commercial teams to develop a sound regional strategy for the business. While the client knows where to source information on highly developed large markets, there is a need to fill the information gap with high-quality, in-depth market information on emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

How IVD Size & Share Plus helped

IVD Size & Share Plus helped the client with a comprehensive understanding of their target markets through in-depth market data and analysis on 30+ countries and 100+ test areas:

  • IVD market size: The overall market size in different countries and its segments was used to understand the potential for its products.
  • IVD growth trends and analysis: 5-year CAGR forecasts and information on market trends that influence market growth covering regulatory, reimbursement, healthcare spending and policy, epidemiology, treatment and technology adoption trends was used to identify potential opportunities or threats. 
  • Competitor analysis: IVD Size & Share tracks and compares the market share of international, regional and domestic players in each market, helping the client keep an eye on the performance of competitors as they gain or lose market share, or enter and exit different test segments.

Regular biannual updates provided the most up-to-date data to support strategic planning exercises, such as annual planning and periodic reviews.

The market data and insights supported the client in prioritising and reassessing its markets.


With the level of detail needed to truly understand the markets they wish to play in, the client was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of key emerging markets and opportunities to plan their strategy and increase their competitiveness in the market.

IVD Size & Share Plus

Assess and plan around opportunities with market data and insights on 30+ countries. Find out how IVD Size & Share Plus can support business decision-making.