Key domestic market players shaping the future of TAVR in China

Access to Transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) procedures in China will grow rapidly as maturing infrastructure and greater device options due to technical developments combine with the availability of domestically developed devices. 

Innovation for local TAVR market needs

The development of new technological advancements such as smaller devices will drive TAVR’s potential in the future as the main treatment in China. 

However there are also other local challenges around TAVR devices that medtech companies need to solve. For example, compared to Europe and the US, China sees a greater proportion of cases of bicuspid aortic stenosis with severe calcification which makes TAVR procedures more complicated. Devices designed for such cases would help the healthcare professionals treating these patients.

Domestic firms intensify research and development to meet fast-growing needs

Domestic firms focused on devices for structural heart diseases are also developing rapidly to support the anticipated growth of TAVR. Some notable Chinese companies include MicroPort CardioFlow, Peijia Medical and Venus MedTech. In 2021 Peijia Medical launched its first-generation and second-generation TAVR product after obtaining regulatory approval in China. In the same year, the company started clinical trials for its third-generation TAVR system.

Companies like Venus Medtech are also developing ancillary products such as vavuloplasty balloons to complement their product portfolio for TAVR procedures, bringing customers a more comprehensive valve-replacement solution.

Increased market competition from domestic firms may place pressure on device prices. But given Asia’s current low reimbursement levels and procedure penetration rate, lowered prices could potentially increase market adoption in China, and across the Asia region.

For more on the TAVR market, download the report on The Future of TAVR in Asia

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