Key performance metrics fall in APAC top hospitals

Key performance metrics around patient, bed utilisation and elective surgery volume for 200+ top hospitals in Asia-Pacific, tracked by our latest data tracker SurgPRO, have mostly fallen for the June-August period in 2020 compared to the same duration in the previous year.

Below is an overview of key hospital metrics from the June to August 2020 period from SurgPRO.

  • With the exception of ICU/CCU bed occupancy rates rising in India and Indonesia, key hospital metrics tracked by SurgPRO falls across the board for the June-August period compared to the prior year.
  • Among countries tracked by SurgPRO, India’s hospitals have the biggest proportion of acute and ICU/CCU beds occupied by Covid-19 patients. Covid-19 patients take up almost half of these beds in Indian hospitals tracked by SurgPRO.

With key hospital metrics tracked quarterly, SurgPRO provides accurate information on each top hospital to monitor its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic fallout, enabling healthcare players to identify gaps and provide stronger partnership and/or infrastructure support to hospital service providers.

About SurgPRO

SurgPRO – the latest hospital tracker from the EIU Healthcare, monitors patient, bed utilisation and elective surgery volume in more than 200 top hospitals (public and private) across Asia-Pacific.


SurgPRO provides individual hospital profiles with robust information on each hospital’s capacity in terms of:

  • Inpatient/ Outpatient volume (Covid-19, Pre Covid-19)
  • Overall acute bed utilisation (Covid-19, Pre Covid-19), % for Covid-19 vs non-Covid-19 related patients
  • ICU bed utilisation, % for Covid-19 vs non-Covid-19 related patients
  • Overall elective surgery volume (Covid-19, Pre Covid-19)


SurgPRO tracks more than 200 top hospitals in APAC, including hospitals located in tier 1 cities with some of the highest surgery volume. Some of the hospitals tracked by SurgPRO include:

  • Australia: Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Epworth Richmond and more
  • Japan: Kyusyu Medical Center, Tohuko University Hospital and more
  • India: Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, King George’s Medical University (Lucknow) and more
  • South Korea: Asan Medical Center, Pusan National University Hospital and more
  • Thailand: Siriraj Hospital, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and more
  • Philippines: Manila Doctors Hospital, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
  • Indonesia: Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo General Public Hospital and more



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