TAVR Japan: A third of procedures carried out in small and mid-sized hospitals

Transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) is set to be Japan’s fastest-growing procedural areas in cardiac surgery. Opportunities are growing particularly as the number of TAVR candidates rises in an aging population, and with an expanding indication towards younger, lower-risk patients.

More room for TAVR infrastructure to grow

The volume of TAVR procedures in Japan is growing as infrastructure and the level of procedural expertise matures. The number of hospitals performing TAVR has increased significantly. More mid-sized secondary hospitals are now also capable of carrying out TAVR procedures and there is more room to grow. 

In Japan, the procedural volume requirements for hospitals and heart-team members to initiate TAVR programmes are lower than in the US.  We estimate that small and mid-sized hospitals carry out about 35% of TAVR procedures in Japan. This could create the conditions for an expansion of TAVR centres across the country to better meet prefecture-level demand. 

As healthcare professionals gain proficiency in the procedure, their level of experience and preference would also be a key factor in the device choice coupled with other factors such as clinical and anatomical features of the patient. 

For more on the TAVR market, download the report on The Future of TAVR in Asia

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