Future of Pathology: Four Growth Areas in Tissue Diagnostics

Various technologies and advancements in tissue diagnostics (TDx) will drive greater efficiency in pathology which is crucial for delivering improved cancer care and diagnosis amid the growing global cancer burden.

In this infographic, EIU Healthcare zooms in on four growth areas central to the future of pathology. 

  • Advanced staining: Advanced staining assays make up the biggest proportion of companion diagnostics (CDx) assays approved by the FDA. EIU Healthcare anticipates strong growth in advanced staining – immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays used as companion diagnostics (CDx) in oncology. What is the growth outlook (2019-2024) for some of the world’s fastest-growing markets for IHC?
  • Digital pathology: Laboratories increasingly adopt digital pathology to support the delivery of faster and more accurate diagnosis for diseases such as cancer. What is the growth outlook (2019-2024) for some of the world’s fastest-growing markets for digital pathology?
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in pathology: AI application in pathology can potentially support the increasing diagnostic workload amid a shrinking pathology workforce. What is the extent of the shortage of pathologists in the US and China? 
  • Telepathology: The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating acceptance of  telepathology. More laboratories and pathologists embrace remote diagnosis and telepathology.

Driving growth in the future of pathology

As the field of pathology evolves and plays an increasingly important role in disease diagnosis and treatment, IVD companies can support labs and pathologists in making the transition from traditional pathology with digital pathology tools, advanced diagnostic tools and workflow solutions to improve efficiency and for new ways of working.

Through EIU Healthcare’s team of consultants and IVD Gateway – our proprietary data solution, we support your strategic and tactical business planning, and provide answers on the what, where and how to gain market share. 

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