We believe strongly that an effective growth strategy is one that is formulated with clarity on market conditions, customer demand situation, competitive landscape, regulatory and reimbursement changes and upcoming technology adoption trends. Our capability to design and conduct robust research required to  generate credible insights sets the stage for successful growth strategy development.




Objective In-Market Realities

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Data-rich benchmark

Clearstate proprietary databases:

  • Hospital facility profiles
  • Commercial labs profiles
  • Surgical procedure volumes
  • Medical devices import and export data
  • Disease incidence and prevalence data


EIU archives:

  • EIU country reports
  • Country risks
  • Market indicators & forecasts


External databases we have access to:

  • Factiva, FDI Markets, Amedeus, Nexis, etc.


Government & advocate opinions

Over 1,000 key opinion leaders who are influencers and drivers of policy making, government initiatives and clinical treatment advocacy.

  • Government ministry or department of health
  • National insurance payors and reimbursement bodies
  • Clinical associations
  • Academic advocates


Customer insights

Over 30,000 medical professionals and hospital management contacts across Emerging Economies covering users, decision maker and key influencers of pharmaceutical, medical devices and solutions.

  • Hospital C-level network
  • Specialists and clinicians network
  • Nurses network
  • Technical network
  • Procurement network


Trade validation

Over 4,000 supply-side contacts ranging from international to domestics manufacturers and their channel partners in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in Emerging Economies.

  • International supplier’s regional HQ, local offices and reps
  • Domestic and regional manufacturers
  • Main distributors and dealers
  • Retailers