At Clearstate we look for individuals who are passionate and driven to build their careers as thought leaders in healthcare strategy consulting.

  • Backed by the strength of the Economist Group, Clearstate has ambitious plans to be the go-to strategy strategic partner to the world’s top healthcare companies. Joining Clearstate, you will be part of a dynamic organization that values new ideas and innovations. Our environment encourages independent thinking, while fostering collaboration between specialist teams thrives to attain higher level thinking.
  • You will work on diverse engagements within the healthcare domain, with strategic outcomes that are impactful in changing the way our clients do business in fast-growing emerging economies. You will gain first-hand insights from in-market investigations and work closely with our client’s senior executives to develop actionable winning strategies.

See what our teams say about joining Clearstate:

“It’s not everyday that you get a chance to grow with your company. Clearstate is growing at an astounding rate and being able to shape its future was the biggest driving factor for me to join the team. One year on, the journey is still ongoing and super exciting!! It has provided much more than what I had initially expected – extending and establishing service offerings, developing teams and witnessing tremendous personal growth with each and every challenge that the team overcame!! Clearstate is small enough to provide amazing growth prospects as it continues on its growth path and big enough to provide great supporting structure and environment to help you succeed professionally.“ Principal

“Clearstate’s niche service area in healthcare allows the opportunity to develop expertise and industry knowledge in a specialization that I was interested in. A challenging and dynamic environment allows for continuous growth, both in personal and professional development.” Senior Associate  

“I’ve always been interested in healthcare – which is why I pursued a degree in organic (medicinal) chemistry. I was more inclined to start my career in a smaller organisation where I could have the opportunity to work directly with senior consultants/directors, have end-to-end involvement in projects, and have the opportunity to take on added responsibilities. I found Clearstate to also have a collaborative working culture, which complements the steep learning curve. It has been a challenging and fulfilling experience thus far and I am glad to be working with a diverse and driven group of colleagues.” Associate  

“The first thing that stood out to me was definitely the marriage of healthcare and business. The industry focused work meant I could indulge my interest in science while putting my business degree to good use. Working for multiple clients also meant a constant opportunity to learn and challenge oneself, an important aspect for my self-development.” Senior Analyst  

“After completing my PhD I was looking for opportunities to use my analytical skills in an intellectually demanding environment on work that mattered. In the hunt for these opportunities I quickly came across Clearstate; my first impression was that this was a company which would challenge me to grow and develop while continuing to build on my core skills. Clearstate’s rapid growth and diverse range of projects was a sure sign of its entrepreneurial spirit; another aspect that I found very appealing. My experience here has borne out these first impressions; I have been given opportunities that I would never have received at other companies and I’m looking forward to what the future holds! Senior Analyst  

 “Clearstate offers me the opportunity to develop my business acumen in the healthcare industry, a new and fascinating sector for me. Each project is a good learning experience. I get to support projects from end to end. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – I get to understand how to piece together various insights from the market without losing sight of the big picture, when you finally get to the last piece, it feels really good!” Analyst