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Digital pathology growth to outpace broader TDx market in several countries

Laboratories that adopt digital pathology, support the delivery of faster and more accurate diagnosis for diseases such as cancer. Economist Intelligence Clearstate anticipates strong demand for digital pathology solutions, with markets, such as Asia-Pacific, growing by 9.2% annually on average, in the forecast period of 2019-2024.

A digital pathology lean will also underpin the growing trend of remote diagnosis and telepathology, which has been accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic. Professional pathologist associations in the UK and US have issued guidelines to enable remote working in response to the pandemic.

Economist Intelligence Clearstate expects that over the next few years, the growth of the UK’s digital pathology market segment will outpace the country’s broader TDx market.

For more on the tissue diagnostics (TDx) market, download the briefing paper on Cancer and the tissue diagnostics market outlook.

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