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Clearstate’s IVD Gateway solution delivers precise, credible and granular market data with global forecasts. Get insight into IVD test demand and market trends for all major market segments tracked across more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Monitor IVD market size, share and trends with ready-made or customisable solutions. Shape your strategy and get support for tactical business decisions in the sector through our data intelligence, market research and business consulting.

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Latest IVD market insight

Latest IVD market insight

Clearstate Insights is your single source that brings all our latest healthcare intelligence together. From reports offering thought-provoking market analysis, to information about new products and services in the IVD sector, stay informed to successfully plan your business decisions.

Get exclusive access to our latest report on Inside Asia-Pacific’s IVD market: post-pandemic recovery trends and the future outlook, launched over the AACC week and explore a specially curated list of insights.

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Whether through data intelligence, market research or business consulting, we can offer you support in the way that best suits your strategic objectives.