Helping the world navigate the covid-19 pandemic

Understand and track global Covid-19 testing with the Covid-19 Testing Monitor – a go-to-source for deep insights into the global testing ecosystem that helps the IVD industry and other organisations understand global test capacity and track key developments and trends that impact testing.

Why Covid-19 Testing Monitor?

Coronavirus sinks global growth forecasts for 2020

Track key developments

Understand the progression of covid-19 in each country and its impact on key testing trends in the coming quarters.

Medial testing equipment

Understand testing capacity

Gain greater transparency into country and lab testing capacities and capabilities through covid-19 test volume data by the type of technology –  PCR molecular lab-based tests, serology, antigen lateral flow tests. 

Make informed decisions

Enhance market response by leveraging timely test demand forecast data on quarterly test volume of the full range of covid-19 testing; including molecular, antigen and antibody.

What’s covered?

The Covid-19 Testing Monitor tracks and forecasts:

  • Covid-19 case loads
  • Covid-19 associated deaths
  • Cases per million population
  • Covid-19 test volume by type of technology
    • PCR molecular technology (lab-based)
    • Serology technology (lab-based)
    • Antigen lateral flow technology (includes symptomatic & asymptomatic surveillance)
Covid testing monitor medical team analysing sample

Covid-19 Testing Monitor forecasts covid-19 test volume in the upcoming quarters:

  • Covid-19 quarterly test volume forecast for 2022

Comprehensive country coverage

Clearstate’s Covid-19 Testing Monitor provides in-depth data and insights on the covid-19 testing ecosystem in EU5 countries.


Germany | France | Italy | Spain | UK


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