What is tissue diagnostics (TDx)?

Tissue diagnostics (TDx), also known as histology or anatomical pathology, uses various techniques to diagnose diseases based on tissues from organs and tumours. Advancements  such as tissue-based companion diagnostics, automation and the use of digital solutions at laboratories are driving greater efficiency of TDx testing in critical areas such as cancer diagnosis and treatment planning.Clearstate offers market data, forecasts and trend predictions to give you the insight on the TDx market with fast-growing opportunities in areas such as digital pathology, advanced staining with immunohistochemistry (IHC) stains and in-situ hybridisation (ISH) stains.

TDx (tissue diagnostics) hub by Clearstate

TDx updates

Our TDx hub is regularly updated to share our findings on this evolving IVD market segment that is becoming ever more digital ready. Delve into the latest TDx market innovations which are opening up new possibilities for more efficient and accurate TDx testing. Understand the impact of developments such as a growing global cancer burden and the rise of personalised care on the use of the TDx to improve patient care.

Discover more IVD insights and learn how our IVD Gateway solution can help prepare your business to support the efficiency drive and new ways of working at pathology labs.

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Explore the latest TDx market insights

From market news to analysis, our articles provide concise and up-to-date information about the developments driving the TDx market. Uncover the challenges and opportunities ahead as laboratories transit from traditional to digital pathology. Learn from leading experts and analysts, and see real-world examples of laboratories and clinicians using TDx testing to derive better answers for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Understand the TDx market

In order to determine the future outlook of the TDx market, we must first understand and integrate macro insights on population trends, epidemiology, reimbursement, local affordability levels, testing landscape. Our reports show how and where businesses can capture opportunities as laboratories seek out solutions for more efficient TDx testing.

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